Tiki Tournament Open Invitational

Time to TIKI!

Summer’s hottest bowling tournament is right around the corner!  Grab your buddies and those cute grass skirts and coconuts and let’s do some tropical fun bowling!  We’re switching the order this year, First tournament within a tournament – the three game scramble of reg 10 pin, followed by 9 pin no-tap and an 8 pin no tap; Next tournament is the A-Low-Ha (low ball)  which will be separately scored from the first three game tournament.  You get TWO tournaments in one – Tiki Two-Fer!

SPECIAL NOTE: For current SB Ladies 500 Club Members ONLY- We will be discounting your entry fee again! Current Santa Barbara Ladies 500 Club members entry fee for this tournament is $25, for all other bowlers it will be $30.  We’re also giving current club members a head start on signing up for the tournament. You may sign up yourself and ALL of your bowling friends, so don’t delay, send in your entry forms today!

The fun begins with check-in at 9:00am, bowl at 10:00am on Sunday, July 21st!  Remember to wear something Hawaiian themed for a raffle ticket. One lucky winner will receive their entry fee back and another will win a  free entry into the Merry Mingle VII!

We’ll have snacks, drink specials, raffle prizes, opportunity drawing, and a few other surprises!  Get your friends together and send in your entry and fees early to guarantee your spot!  Spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. Hope to see you there!

500club_tiki_2015_coconut$30 entry

(lineage $12.00, expenses $8.00, prize fund $10.00)

Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 10:00am

Check in at 9:00 am, bowl at 10:00 am (***See rule 6 re missed frames).

Tournament entry deadline is Friday, July 19, 2019.

SB Ladies 500 Club Tiki Tournament

Attention Bowlers!

500club_tiki_2015_shirtWear Hawaiian-themed clothing for a chance to win a FREE entry! First Draw – Tiki Tournament Entry Refund; Second Draw – Free entry into the Merry Mingle Scramble, December 8, 2019.


  1. Open to Men and Women bowlers. Current SB Ladies 500 Club members tournament entry fee is discounted to $25. Discount applied as a reduction to tournament expenses.
  2. Format will be 4 games consisting of a separate three game handicap tournament consisting of regular 10 pin, 9 pin no-tap, and 8 pin no-tap AND one scratch low ball tournament.
  3. Prize fund will be returned 100% at a ratio of 1 for each 8 entries, 25% allocated to the Low Ball Tourney, remaining 75% to the three game scramble.
  4. Low Ball tournament will be played scratch and according to rules posted at the tournament. Three game scramble handicap will be 85% of 230.
  5. Averages for three game scramble to be used in the following priority:
    1. Highest Certified book average 2018-2019, of 21 games or more, winter and summer leagues included, if none,
    2. 2017-2018 book average of 21 games or more.
    3. If bowler has no verification of average, tournament director can assign an average or the bowler will bowl scratch.
    4. USBC rules 314, 319a 1-4, 319b and 319c WILL apply, *note, bowlers using current average due to rule 319a, 2 (current avg of 21 games is 10 pins or more higher than book) please supply copy of current league sheet at check-in.
    5. USBC rules 319d and 319e will NOT apply.
  6. *** ny bowler who arrives after the first game of three game scramble has started, will receive a “0” for missed frames; for the lowball tournament, missed frames will receive a strike “X.” No make-up frames will be allowed.
  7. Lanes will be assigned as entries are received. If you wish to bowl together, please submit entry forms together.
  8. A prize list will be posted at Zodo’s Bowling & Beyond after the tournament, or by e-mail if one is provided.
  9. There will be a $20.00 fee plus any bank charges for any returned check, no refunds for no-shows.
  10. The Tournament Committee shall be the authority to interpret all tournament rules, per USBC, in deciding disputes. Tournament Committee decisions shall be final.

Click on the flyer below to view, or download the PDF file.

PDF Tiki Tournament 2019 Flyer PDF | 289kb PDF


Contact Barbie Ralston barbara@thekeltgroup.com, (760) 613-1610 or Pauline Chalfant pechalfant1@gmail.com, (805) 570-7958

500club_tiki_2015_hibuscusA-Low-Ha Rules (Low-Ball or Backwards Bowling)

The object of the game, as opposed to getting as many points as you can, is to get as FEW as you can. At least one pin needs to be knocked down with each ball. A perfect score in low ball bowling is a twenty. Meaning that one pin is knocked over on each of the two balls per frame in the score.

A miss, or gutter ball, in low ball bowling games will be recorded as a strike the first time it happens (if it happens). The second gutter ball, or miss, will score as a spare, this means high points, but high points are not good, not good at all. You’ve got to knock or topple over at least one of the pins to get a low score.

Official Results

Tiki Tournament 2018
A-Low-Ha and Scramble Results
 Tiki Tournament Photos 2018
Pages 5 – 10
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